Last Few Posts

1 Oct

“Starting over” is a term I hear so often and is most often times referred to as hard to do. Truthfully, I wonder if we all just say that to make our lives sound more difficult. We don’t really “start over”. We have highs, lows, shifts and balances in everyday life that we can either make into an enormous ordeal or live with it and continue to say “That’s ok!”. It is ok. For millions of years people have survived some of the most gruesome, beautiful and seemingly impossible things with dignity.

I am starting a new chapter in life called “having a baby” and for anyone who is a single parent or was raised by one, they know that it is possible to raise a child successfully in that environment. With my priorities in constant check and changes ever-occuring I am excited and ready to take on this new challenge. The question I always come back to is: “What do I want?”. Many have said everything will change after I have him and that life will never be the same- well I hope so! From my body to mentality and where I now live everything already has changed. I eagerly await his arrival and hope that I can have him naturally and be the first to see his face and witness this gift.

With all these changes come sacrifice- obviously- and one more thing to give up is this site for a while. I must have sufficient funds for my child and have something to build upon while he quickly grows and this site although fun, is no longer one of my priorities. I hope to get it back one day and post even more then I did before but for now I thank all of those who participated with me and wish you all a happy life.

-Hilary Katzenmeier

Incaciata and chocolate hazelnut cake anyone?

10 Sep
So there’s my amazing entree and for my dessert:


I need to start hosting some dinner parties don’t you think?!

Controlling Your Creation: Cooking

26 Aug

Controlling is super fun. Being able to command something into existence in reference to cooking is one of my favorite things to talk about. When someone asks “what’d you put in this?”  gives you the leeway to now brag about the simple ingredients used and how little time it took to make a possible new favorite dish. Cooking is as controllable as weightlifting. Your body motions the bar up, it goes up. You put mixable ingredients in a marinade and you have yourself the best steak you’ve ever had. There’s a delicate balance of poise in the weight room and kitchen. Not too heavy handed yet capable of deboning a chicken with your bare hands (if you wanted to).(*picture opp of raised raw chicken fists to the heavens!)  It takes practice and technique in both mediums. Without the never-ending trials on the platform and in the kitchen, how are you to know your true threshold?  How are you to know if you truly have what it takes to awe and shock hundreds?

In every trial you go through there are moments in where you have the choice to create or to copy. To copy is to say that you’ve mixed soy sauce, honey, olive oil, oregano, garlic and ginger together to make a delicious marinade for the fresh salmon you are about to grill, alter just one ingredient and you’ve changed the dish completely! You are allowed to create every moment, every dish and lift as if it were brand new. And with each new trinket of technique and knowledge you gain, you learn to value what’s important to focus on. Just as in weightlifting, I always strive to make the best out of anything and to learn from everything.

Pregnant girl workout

7 Aug

Back squat: 165 x 10, 185 x 10, 195 x 10

Dumbell curls: 3×10 – 15’s, 20’s, 20’s

Good mornings: 5 x 10 – 75, 95, 95, 105, 75

Alternating dumbell press: 3 x 10 – 20’s, 25’s, 25’s

Walked a little over a mile to and from the fitness center! That’s that! Another one down!

Pregnant Chick workout & the Meal that Followed

30 Jul

Last night I went in and

Back Squatted:    135 lbs x 5   155×5   175×5   195×5    205×5

Behind Neck Press:    65 x 10     65  x 10    45 x 10    45×10   45 x 10

Good Mornings:    75 x 10    85 x 10    95 x 10    85 x 10    75 x 10

Bent Tricep Extension:   12 lb Dumbell x 10 on each side   10 lb db x 2 x 10


After, I came home and started preparing brown rice. It’s always 2 c. water to 1 c. rice when it comes to brown. I open a can of petite chopped tomatoes and put them in a deep skillet ( a pot will work too) with lime juice and green olives (I like to put some olive juice in too). Dice up onion (however much you like), garlic and cilantro, set the cilantro aside and throw in the onion and garlic with the tomatoes. Season with salt, pepper and any other spice you like Cumin works well with this. Take out thawed Mahi- Mahi and put that in the skillet to cook and let it all simmer up until the fish, when forked, flakes apart then take it off the heat. Grab black beans and heat them in a small pot until they’ve simmered for at least 10 min. then pour them into a bowl and mash them up. Assemble how you like and throw as much cilantro as desired on top.




Senior National Championships

24 Jul

Best of luck to those lifters competing at the 2013 Senior Nationals! May my thoughts and cheers be with you! I know a lot of you have worked diligently and have been eating, sleeping and training for this competition. Make it a good one with 6 for 6 lifts and sexy singlets!


Mango madness!

24 Jul


I cannot get enough of these things!!!!

Twice baked potatoes

6 Jun

My favorite produce diet meal/side to a meal!

Pregnant girl workouts pt. II

29 May

This evening I did
Back squat 5×5: 185 lbs, 195, 205, 215, 235
Behind Neck Press 5×5: 65 lbs, 65, 75, 65, 75
Single Leg Squats 3×10: Body weight

Coconut milk Mahi Mahi Recipe

25 May

I had these things in my fridge and cabinet so I just put something together and it really turned out well.

I had: 2 Mahi Mahi filets which I cut into chunks after salting them

I put: 1 can of Coconut Milk in a skillet on Medium low heat to simmer while I diced up about 1/2 a Jalepeno pepper, half of a White Onion, 3 Lemons zested and squeezed and a good amount of cilantro cut up pretty well. I threw that in the coconut milk turning the heat up a bit then added the Mahi Mahi while the mixture was bubbling. I covered the pan for 5 minutes and then added Spinach and simmered till it was still fairly bright green. Topped it with a twist of lemon and two sprigs of cilantro and there she be!

Coconut Milk Mahi Mahi

Coconut Milk Mahi Mahi